Commissioning & Testing

No matter what your energy needs, maintaining efficient, long-term operations of your power delivery equipment is essential to success. Krydon’s vast knowledge of electric power systems design and deployment enables us to develop testing and maintenance programs to suit your needs today and down the line.

Krydon’s testing and commissioning provides services that promote long-term, efficient operation of electrical generation and delivery systems. We mobilize teams to all parts of the world, servicing power delivery systems.

Acceptance testing determines that each piece of electrical equipment is ready for energization and that it will operate as designed and perform as an integral part of the system. Test personnel inspect and provide acceptance testing on each piece of the equipment to verify it meets specification to, energize and verify the overall installation of the system conforms to the drawings.

Once our team determines that individual pieces of equipment are operating properly, our testing engineers develop a site specific start-up plan. We energize the entire system to verify it is operating as intended and meeting design requirements. Our clients receive full documentation of the system’s performance and integrity.

We provide consultation for development of electrical system maintenance programs that help prevent unplanned outages and maximize service life. Comprehensive maintenance records are included to help identify recurring problems. We have the manpower and equipment to provide maintenance services to large facilities in the USA as well as specific industries worldwide.